Jinju Lantern Festival…..

Coming from a country where every festival is celebrated like larger than life… Yeah I’m talking about India… I like the festival seasons and its celebration parade. So when came to Korea the one thing I like the most was celebrating festivals with family.

Korea as a cultural country has many festivals for every season.  Firework festival, lantern festival, mask festival, mud festival, green tea festival and so the list go on…… When my husband told me about the Lantern festival, I just jumped to the idea and decided lets go and find out more.

Jinju Namgang Festival origins from the lantern lighting custom which was used during the Jinjuseong Fortress Battle of the Imjinwaeran War – Japanese invasion, 1592 as a military strategy to prevent Japanese troops for wading the Namgang River.  The main highlights of this festival are the floating lantern which carry personal wishes of the people, the parade of lanterns created by the students. The river and its side is decorated by lanterns which comprise of reflecting old Korean traditions and culture, famous monuments of the world and characters/ animals for children.

In addition, the festival is celebrated to remember the veterans of Jinjuseong Fortress Battle.

IMG_6618DSC_1761Lantern Tunnel with more than 80,000 Lanterns displayed…DSC_1803DSC_1819DSC_1826DSC_1644HAHAHA….. This one was damn hilarious….. DSC_1834DSC_1628One of the Interesting Lantern Design by some artist. DSC_1609DSC_1597Folk Dance & Music Show by School Children.DSC_1647Representing yesterday’s Korean GamesDSC_1658DSC_1735Finally, there goes our wishes……DSC_1746



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