A quote from the book, “I do believe in people. In their strength to help each other, and to thrive in spite of the odds.” This book made me think that whether I would have survived in those terrible times. We can’t imagine having our family ripped away from us and then to try and carry on day to day life under normal circumstances let alone horrific ones.

Jodi Picoult  has undertaken yet another serious issue (forgiveness) in her book- The Storyteller. Alike in her all books things are way little more complicated than usual, and there her wow-didn’t see that coming twist as well. In The Stroyteller she takes difficult topics like trauma, fear, justice and forgiveness, and makes you feel every blow through her three dimensional characters.

Lead of the book Sage Singer is a lonely girl, who works as a baker in night shift only. She only befriends few people, hardly talking to any customer, always staying behind in the store where she works. She has dreadful scar on her face, something she struggle to dealt – psychological and physically- everyday in her life.  All the way through one can smell Sage’s bread, the breads which were taught to her by her Jewish grandmother. Over the time she develops an unlikely friendship with an elderly customer- Joseph Weber. One day in a complete surprise, Joseph ask Sage to kill him. Why kill him, because he can’t live with the memories his past, what he has done in past. Joseph’s story- Sage’s grandmother’s story, a victim and survivor of Auschwitz- are shocking and confronting.

One can compare this book with “just” another Holocaust book, but with slight different.  Jodi Picoult  writing is so welcoming, piercing and yet beautiful that for a while your heart breaks into million pieces while reading the horrifying acts in Auschwitz. There’s no doubt that what happened to the Jews was horrifying and a testament to the monstrous side of mankind, but when you read Picoult’s  work, you don’t just think “wow, this is horrible” – you feel it, and you remember it, and youresolve that such crimes should never be allowed to happen again.

Rating:  3.5/5




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