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Some months back Buzzfeed posted an article on 101 Things You Cared About 10 Years Ago. So I thought I’d make a list of 101 things that we are crazy about today, but won’t give two hoots about in ten years. So here we go (and try to not to say “no way, not me” 101 times):

1. Instruction manuals

2. Using instruction manuals to actually figure something out

3. Being jealous of your friends that have Blu-Ray players

4. Not being able to afford Blu-Ray DVDs

5. Liking Robert Pattison

6. Google Plus

7. How How I Met Your Mother ended

8. A Friends reunion movie

9. Any kind of Friends reunion


10. Britney Spears’ acting career

11. Lindsay Lohan

12. Justin Bieber

14. The fact that there’s no number 13 on this list because I’m superstitious

15. The number 13

16. How epic Call Me Maybe was

17. How furious people were when they heard Ben Affleck will play Batman

18. How furious people were when Ben Affleck got the Oscar snub for Argo

19. Leonardo di Caprio’s multiple Oscar snubs

20. Meryl Streep’s multiple Oscar nominations

101 Things You Won’t Care About in Ten Years

101 Things You Won’t Care About in Ten Years

21. How any Sandra Bullock movie trailer will say ‘starring – Sandra Bullock- Academy Award winner’.

22. Why E.T. deserved to win the Oscar over Gandhi

23. Why Saving Private Ryan deserved the Oscar over Shakespeare in Love

24. Why The Dark Knight deserved to win the Oscar over Slumdog Millionaire

25. Ellen’s epic Twitter breaking Oscar group selfie.

26. Endless lists concerning the Oscars

27. Beyonce’s acting career

28. Mandy Moore’s acting career

29. For that matter, Mandy Moore’s singing career

30. Pitbull

31. James Franco’s inappropriateness on Instagram

32. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s political career

33. Actors getting nose jobs

34. Actors getting any plastic surgery jobs

35. SnapChat

101 Things You Won’t Care About in Ten Years

36. Home phones

37. Your virginity or the fact that keeping it intact for ‘the one’ won’t be an issue anymore

38. Trying to ‘settle down’ before you are 30

39. Your bucket list

40. Rihana’s girl gone bad-gone good- gone bad again image

41. Yet another Cher comeback

42. A Britney Spears reinvention

43. Miley Cyrus’ tongue

44. Charlie Sheen’s tiger blood

45. Demi Moore’s @mrskutcher twitter account

46. Tom Cruise’s crazy couch hop

47. Tom Cruise marriages

48. The Kardashians- yes all of them

49. Russell Peters

50. 30 Things to do Before you Are 30 lists

51. 100 Things to do Before you Die lists

52. Which City Should You Actually Live In quizzes

53. All Facebook quizzes

54. Donald Trump’s comb over

55. Donald Trump’s serial presidential campaign exploring antics.

56. Donald Trump

57. Minimalism

58. Crocs (thank God)

101 Things You Won’t Care About in Ten Years

59. Unisex washrooms

60. The Miss World pageant

61. The Miss Universe Pageant

62. Celebrity sex tapes

63. Celebrity leaked indecent pictures

64. The Osbournes

65. Lady Gaga’s abysmal Artpop album

101 Things You Won’t Care About in Ten Years

66. Big cars

67. Small pen… Ahem never mind. Let’s keep this PG 13

68. The tallest building in the world

69. The most liveable city in the world

70. Being bi-lingual- or any-lingual for that matter

71. Homophobia- can’t waste time on the bigots anymore

72. McDonald’s coffee

73. KFC

74. Adrian Grenier

75. Blonde jokes

101 Things You Won’t Care About in Ten Years

76. Yo mamma jokes

77. Upgrading to a new smartphone every 2 years

78. Public transit delays (you’ll grow numb to them)

79. Whichever Fast and Furious sequel is out next

80. Stereotypes – because you don’t live by narrow minded standards

81. The ’80s

82. Jodie Foster’s not so subtle coming out speech at the Golden Globes

83. Ellen Page’s coming out speech

101 Things You Won’t Care About in Ten Years

84. Coming out speeches in general- because by that time needing to come out will be a thing of the past.

85. The Hunger Games – the movies and the books

86. Same for the Twilight Series

87…..and on that note anything to do with vampires

88. Flipgram on Instagram

89. Hashtagging on Facebook

90. #hashtagging #every #word #in #a #message/#status

101 Things You Won’t Care About in Ten Years

91. The geek chic look

92. Today’s fashion trends (ok that was an obvious one)

93. Hercules (Yes. Random. I know. You have no idea how many 101 really is till you have to make a list)

94. Perfectionism – because it doesn’t exist

95. Owning a car – because green public transit is the future!

96. Needing a partner – because you’ll know how to rock lifelong singledom

97. Dressing for impressing- because nothing impresses more than sparkling confidence

98. Oprah’s best friend Gayle King

99. Baths with scented candles – they achieve nothing.

100. This list

101. But most importantly, in ten years you won’t care about what the world thinks of you. Live large. Dream big. Pursue happiness and watch the world fall in love with you.



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